Handel Reynolds, Radiologist, author of The Big Squeeze, A Social and Political History of the Controversial Mammogram

From the beginning, mammography
has been promoted as a silver bullet
in the fight against breast cancer.
This has contributed to a pervasive
misunderstanding of what
mammography is and what
it does.

The Big Squeeze attempts to
take a step back and tell the
whole story.

Everyone who wants to understand why mammography has become a third rail needs to read this book.

Susan M. Love, MD

Reynolds takes a critical look at the “breast cancer epidemic” . . . and the profitable industry that has grown up around mammography.

Publishers Weekly

. . . a fascinating, thought-provoking review of the history, science, and politics of breast cancer screening.

Valerie P. Jackson, MD, FACR

. . . a history of screening mammography that is interesting, important, timely and controversial.

Ferris M. Hall, MD, FACR